1000 Pictures for Teachers to Copy by Andrew Wright

By Andrew Wright

A thousand photographs for academics to repeat [Jan 01, 1985] Wright, Andrew ...

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I-- -----. - --L- b: L: bb-= L--- ,E- t- t- 50 F'z Settings Classroomand police station 1 '- = -= a : : '= u_ -li - a a a 4 4 1 51 Settings Library and museum *--: --__>F. l- a--=. L-_ L-= >>-- -L- tr-L- t-ELE: L. - Settings Art galleryand cinema -: : : -1 ':: -: --: -_ : '= -1 4 a a t 'a I 53 I t 3 Topics, behaviout, notions L=E}-a- How to draw 1-: In order to copy these drawings you will have to make judgements about angles and proportions. Have you looked at Section l How to draw?

_}_:-_ _t-. r a w b u i l d i n g sa n d s i m i l a r jects ob face-onratherthan going away kom y o u . C o r n p a r e t h e d r a w i n g s b e l o w . O n t h e l e f t a r es o m e t y p i c a l a t t e m p t st o c l r a wp e r s p e c t i v eO . n t h e r i g h t i s t h e e a s va n d e f f e c t i v es o l u t i o n . A l s o n o t e t h a t t h e chairs, the table and the people'sfeet are on the ground line. X a a a ! qR@@€re a a ': ! : ! Here are two more. There are many more in the section on settings.

1e65) (b. 1e81) aunt uncle E L I Z A B E T HC R E E N (b. 1e78) aunt P E T E RG R E E N (b. 1e83) "1 t ! J I ,A F soldier street cleaner teacher typist waiter wrrter yoga teacher il : -'a- ! t-b- h- DE]C] trurl tf- + NtrlD Ft/FrF oucl [1trlrJ l r]nt] flat (apartment - l us) n tr Wm nronN terraced house caravan(trailer - US) tent ta- F. - pillow picture potted plants radiator (centralheating) 1- a. l-. ": bowl brush and pan fork cup and saucer '= "A 4r (\^. -L- :*-t seaside r€ tl o # D I :- village }- lr- o1+ :_ a -- -_ -,.

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