A Beginner?s Guide To BorderManager 3.x (Third Edition, by Anonymous

By Anonymous

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Эта книга от Craig Johnson ( Novell help Connection SysOp и добавлю от себя - известнейшего специалиста в данной области) раскрывает наиболее полно все апекты в понимании и настройке Novell BorderManager (Корпоративного Firweall от Novell Inc.), версий от 3.0 до 3.8, включая настройку BorderManager 3.8 IKE-base VPN . Эта книга доступна только в электронном виде на сайте автора по цене $44.95.

От себя также добавлю что эта книга видимо единственная (и к счастью исчерпывающе полная) по данной теме.

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So you drop the letter in the mailbox, and trust the postman to deliver the letter. The postman of course doesn't have any idea how to deliver that letter either, but he/she DOES have another default route - the letter-sorting bin for letters going out of town. Along various steps of the way, the letter keeps getting delivered not directly to the end destination, but instead to the next 'hop' along the way to the destination. Finally, a postman on the final step of the letter's journey gets the mail, and since he/she actually knows where the house is, the letter can be put into a final destination (mailbox).

0. 1 in any detail. Each section is intended to stand on its own, though the reader is strongly urged to read the Basics section first if not familiar with the content covered there. Also, Access Rules are closely linked to the use of the Proxies, and it is impossible to understand one without some knowledge of the other. Two areas of particular concern are not covered in depth in this book: Packet Filtering and Virtual Private Networking (VPN). com. Other subjects not covered at all include RADIUS / BMAS / NMAS and NIAS Dial-in/out services.

Don’t get bogged down trying to understand the more complex scenarios until you are familiar with BorderManager. I provide these scenarios in order to show some range of possibilities for implementing BorderManager. Scenario 1 - One Public IP Address There are many examples shown throughout this book. Some of the examples, unless otherwise noted, are based on an example configuration similar to the one described here. 252 subnet m ask - this allows for two IP addresses to be assigned (one to the router and one to the BorderManager server).

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