A Dictionary of Proverbs by John Simpson, Jennifer Speake

By John Simpson, Jennifer Speake

This detailed and authoritative dictionary includes over 1,100 of the main wide-spread proverbs in English and makes use of examine from the Oxford English Corpus, the world's greatest language databank. This variation has been revised and completely up-to-date and comprises a variety of fullyyt new entries. It additionally good points accelerated assurance of international language proverbs at the moment in use in English. With an emphasis on examples of utilization, together with the earliest written proof of its use, this A-Z guide

provides an intensive - and interesting - historical past for each access. prepared in A-Z structure and with an invaluable thematic index, A Dictionary of Proverbs is perfect for searching and ideally suited for speedy reference. lookup your outdated favourites, examine punchy new expressions to get your aspect throughout, and find

the resolution to that crossword clue. Seeing is believing: locate proverbs correct to each point of existence during this interesting and informative assortment.

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1642 G. TORRIANO Select Italian Proverbs 26 He who can wait, hath what he desireth. 1847 DISRAELI Tancred II. IV. viii. I have got it at last, everything comes if a man will only wait. 1872 V. FANE Tout vient à qui sait Attendre in From Dawn to Noon II. 85 Ah! ’.. They come, but often come too late. 1980 M. SELLERS Leonardo & Others viii. Everything comes to those who wait. The theory fitted well into my lazy way of thinking. 2002 Times 2 14 Feb. 7 Until last week I considered the proverb ‘All things come to those who wait’ to be up there with ‘Every cloud has a silver lining’ on the list of fatuous remarks to make when your best friend has failed a vital job interview, been dumped by the love of his life, dropped his dentures down a drain or been trapped for hours on the Tube.

FOX Threat Signal Red XV. Damn! Dropped the screwdriver... Bad workmen blame their tools. 2001 Washington Times 19 Aug. B8 ‘Virtuous War’ starts off with a bad idea, proceeds to a pair of disasters, then gets worse. As for the fundamental reason for its failure—for now let’s just say, it’s a poor workman who blames his lousy tools. efficiency and inefficiency; work bad see also give a DOG a bad name and hang him; FIRE is a good servant but a bad master; a GOOD horse cannot be of a bad colour; HARD cases make bad law; HOPE is a good breakfast but a bad supper; NOTHING so bad but it might have been worse; THREE removals are as bad as a fire.

WRIGHT Rustic Speech xiv. ); or as the more popular version runs: An apple a day keeps the doctor away. 2001 Times 12 Dec. 2 Have you resolved to be a well person?.. Do you eat an apple a day to keep the doctor away? doctors; health The APPLE never falls far from the tree Apparently of Eastern origin, it is frequently used to assert the continuity of family characteristics. Quot. 1839 implies return to one’s original home. Cf. 16th-cent. Ger. der Apfel fellt nicht gerne weit vom Baume, the apple does not usually fall far from the tree.

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