A grammar of Abui: a Papuan language of Alor, Part 2 by František Kratochvíl

By František Kratochvíl

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Bad Prosodic word In Abui, syllables building up prosodic words are either heavy (h) or light (l). A light syllable is characterized by a monomoraic nucleus; the nucleus of a heavy syllable is bimoraic. 5). In this section, I discuss the prosodic words in three subgroups according to their composition and function. These factors seem to be reflected by the phonological shape of each group. 1, I discuss Abui nouns. Abui nouns tend to be morphologically simple and consist of maximally three syllables allowing heavy syllables typically in word-final position and in a few cases in the penultimate position.

All prenasalized stops have been eliminated. The ambiguous outcome from the changes of prenasalized stops is well-attested also in other Papuan languages (cf. Pawley, 2001:290-5). Final syllables were simplified and the initial syllables often dropped. INTRODUCTION (1) 9 Initial position Medial position Final position a. *mb > *mb > m/b *ŋg(V > > ama *mund-maŋgV> bukomang m/b ŋ Examples: *mbapa > maama *ambi *mbena > -bang *kumbutu > timoi *nVŋg > ieŋ/ ŋ *ŋgambu > kumal b. *ŋg > k/ʔ *nd > n/t Examples: *(k,ŋg)a(nd,t)apu > kai > bataa *ŋgambu > kumal *mundun > mata *ŋga(-) > ʔa c.

Prefix-free root-bound root-suffix ha-bui-d-a ‘get it shortened’ vii. prefix-bound root na-táng ‘my arm, my hand’ mop-i ‘already put together’ na-lal-e ‘I am laughing’ viii. bound root-suffix ix. prefix-bound root-suffix x. bound root-bound root bek-a ‘be bad’ xi. bound root-bound root-suffix bek-d-i ‘make broken’ xii. prefix-bound root-bound root-suffix ha-bek-d-i ‘it became broken’ GRAMMATICAL CATEGORIES. Abui distinguishes open and closed grammatical categories. Open grammatical categories are only nouns and verbs.

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