A Grammar of Kalaallisut (West Greenlandic lnuttut) by Jerrold M. Sadock

By Jerrold M. Sadock

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As-HAB=CONJ/3R/3p "They procured food and clothing from the sea and land animals that they caught, and also the equipment for catching them with" (Fortescue 1990:85) The example contains a conjoined modifier nunamiut imarmiullu "land animals and sea animals". The intervening conjunction attaches to the first (here the only} word of the second conjunct. The clause meaning "they used the land animal and sea animal game for 62 63 clothing" is conjoined with the clause meaning "they used them for food" .

Anything that is appropriately termed arnannguara "my dear mother" is necessarily arnara "my mother", anything that is illutaaq "new house" is also illu "house", and so on. In other words, the semantics of the stem are included in the semantics of the simply modified stem. 4 Complex nominal modifiers are equivalent to the active participles of verbs formed with real or possible noun incorporating affixes. big-APRT', though there is no actual noun-incorporating affix (•-kkaaq-). to-APRT", though there is no overt nominalizer, and the very frequent suffix (-lik-) "one who/which has" behaves in the same way as (-qaq-Tuq-) "have-APRl..

Oqalugtua/iat oqalugpalatdlo. trans. by Frederik Nielsen. Godhaab: Kalatdlit-nunanaqiterisitsissarfik. Bergsland, Knut. 1955. A Grammatical Outline of the Eskimo Language of West Greenland. mimeo. Oslo. Bergsland, Knut and J0rgen Rischel, eds. 1986. Pioneers ofEskimo Grammar: Hans Egede's and Albert Top's early manuscripts on Greenlandic. Travaux du Cercle Linguistique de Copenhague, Vol. XXI. Copenhagen: Linguistic Circle of Copenhagen. Berthelsen, Chr. 1980. Kalaal/isut sungiusaatit: Lresestykker i grenlandsk.

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