A grammar of Nandi by Chet A. Creider, Jane Tapsubei Creider

By Chet A. Creider, Jane Tapsubei Creider

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In an ~ (he was involved in a hunting ~) 12. ) [“chance”] [“luck”] 13. pure, sheer ~ 14. an ~ that + clause (it was pure ~ that we met ; it was no ~ that we met) 15. ) acclaim I n. 1. to earn, receive, win ~ 2. critical ~ (the play opened to critical ~) 3. general, public ~ 4. international, universal, wide, worldwide ; national ~ 5. ~ as ; for ; from ; to (the play opened to ~ from the critics for her performance = when the play opened she won ~ from the critics for her performance = when the play opened she won ~ from the critics as a great actress) acclaim II v.

B) (“to give”) to ~ an oath to smb. –6– adopt advise adopt v. ) to ~ as (they ~ed the child as their heir) adoption n. to give up, put up for ~ (to put a child up for ~) adore v. 1. ) to ~ for (we ~ them for their generosity) 2. (G) she ~s visiting museums 3. ) I ~ it when you look at me like that adorn v. ) to ~ with (the table was ~ed with flowers = flowers ~ed the table) adrenaline, adrenalin n. the ~ was flowing USAGE NOTE: Adrenalin is a US trademark. , adv. 1. to cast, set ~ 2. to cut ~ (from) adroit adj.

Such forms can be considered compound verbs (phrasal verbs) and should be given in dictionaries as separate entries. They are not included in this pattern. In this Dictionary we have attempted to give only the most commonly used verbs and senses that have obligatory adverbials. ) our way through the crowd, they bribed their way to success, the Tatar cavalry burned its way through Eastern Europe, etc. The number of such verbs is very large. Q. In this pattern, verbs can be followed by an interrogative word: how, what, when, where, which, who, why; to these we add whether (which often alternates in clauses with if).

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