A Practical Grammar for Classical Hebrew by J. Weingreen

By J. Weingreen

A pragmatic Grammar for Classical Hebrew

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As stated above, the main intention of the study is to analyse the constraints that govern cases of ad hoc coordination, which is why irreversibles fall outside the scope of the main analysis. Irreversible binomials are, however, investigated in Chapter 6, which compares reversible and irreversible instances. 5 Theoretical and disciplinary orientation While this book addresses the specific linguistic problem of constituent ordering in the constructions delineated above, it is related to frameworks and theoretical approaches of more general concern.

As all of the above-mentioned instances of hierarchies are dependent on the culture which generated them, it is likely that languages in other parts of the world may differ with regard to this constraint, for instance by a possible femalefirst rule (see Landsberg 1995a for a discussion of this issue). However, we do find hierarchical relations not located in the sociocultural realm, which I also subsume under this constraint. This is the reason why it is not termed power here. For instance, a tendency for the greater of two (numerical) values to precede the lesser can be observed when both are located on the same scale (see Benor and Levy 2006: 239) as in: (28) a.

3 Iconic sequencing Iconic sequencing is the semantic-pragmatic factor most often mentioned in the literature on binomials (Malkiel 1959; Huber 1974; Cooper and Ross 1975; Fenk-Oczlon 1989; Landsberg 1995a; Widdows and Dorow 2005). It signifies that the order of elements that is perceived in the extra-linguistic world is mirrored in the order of linguistic elements. This principle also appears in language production research: Levelt (1981) relates it to an event structure which is mirrored in linguistic structure (see detailed discussion in Chapter 8).

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