A programmer's introduction to C# by Harvey M. Deitel, Paul J. Deitel, Jeffrey A. Listfield, Tem

By Harvey M. Deitel, Paul J. Deitel, Jeffrey A. Listfield, Tem R. Nieto, Cheryl H. Yaeger, Marina Zlatkina

Written as an advent to the recent C#, this advisor takes the skilled C programmer a number of steps past the fundamentals. It covers items, facts forms, and stream keep watch over, or even delves into a few historical past at the new Microsoft internet Frameworks setting. maintaining in brain that this can be for these acquainted with C (and even Java), the booklet is going into a number of the complex beneficial properties and enhancements present in this new language. It additionally deals a comparability among C#, C++, visible uncomplicated, and Java.

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Virtual Functions To make this work cleanly, object-oriented languages allow a function to be specified as virtual. Virtual means that when a call to a member function is made, the compiler should look at the real type of the object (not just the type of the reference), and call the appropriate function based on that type. 0F; // minimum charge. 75F)); } } The CalculateCharge() and TypeName() functions are now declared with the virtual keyword in the base class, and that’s all that the base class has to know.

Class Accessibility The coarsest level at which accessibility can be controlled is at the class. In most cases, the only valid modifiers on a class are public, which means that everybody can see the class, and internal. " Internal is a way of granting access to a wider set of classes without granting access to everybody, and it is most often used when writing helper classes that should be hidden from the ultimate user of the class. NET Runtime world, internal equates to allowing access to all classes that are in the same assembly as this class.

Static Constructors Just as there can be other static members, there can be static constructors. A static constructor will be called before the first instance of an object is created and is useful to do setup work that needs to be done once. NET Runtime world, the user has no control over Note when the static constructor is called; the runtime only guarantees that it is called sometime after the start of the program and before the first instance of an object is created. This specifically means that it can’t be determined in the static constructor that an instance is about to be created.

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