A sketch grammar of Satawalese : the language of Satawal by Kevin M Roddy

By Kevin M Roddy

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Glide ) 4) Post-alveolar Retroflex Palatal Velar ! ! /) (0)) ! ! "#))! ) ! ) ) ) ) 3 ! ! Fricative 1) Alveolar 2) ! ) ! ) ! % ) ! ) ) ! ) 5) ! , lips or tongue), so the air cannot escape through the nose or mouth. /, and ///. All stops in Satawalese are unaspirated8. g. ’ 7 Phonetic variants of a phoneme which share a similar quality to the original sound, but are slightly different due to the phonetic environment or position in the word. 8 Aspiration refers to the strong puff of air that follows voiced and voiceless stops when the sound is released.

Frederick Jackson described his involvement as a non-voting linguistic consultant in the development of an orthography for Saipan Carolinian in the mid 1970’s (1984, 237-58). The creation and and implementation of an unambiguous, accurate, and easy-tolearn orthography accepted by a majority of speakers was a challenge. ” However, a majority of Carolinians accepted most of the recommendations made by the Orthographic 42 Convention in which he participated. Though adults and children adhered “fairly closely to the decisions that were made,” some writers of Carolinian continued to spell words according to their own pronunciations.

Thunder’). 2 Consonants Consonants are sounds which involve some constriction of airflow in the vocal tract. There are 13 consonants in Satawalese. 1 Consonant phoneme inventory The chart below contains the phonemic inventory of Satawalese consonants in IPA notation arranged by place and manner of articulation4, beginning with the * obstruents5. The superscript indicates a labialized sound, meaning that the lips are 2 Phonemes are the smallest contrastive units of sound in a language. International Phonetic Alphabet, a standard and universally accepted system for transcribing the speech sounds of the world’s languages.

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