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E. an of the very concen- N I T R I C ACID 55 trations of nitric acid has been determined by Pascal, obtained the results shown in the following table. 1 who TABLE 8 Pressure =760 mm. Concn. of Nitric Acid. Per cent. HN03. Concn. P. Concn. of Nitric Acid. Per cent. HN08. Concn. P. 24-2 33-0 49-8 61-0 68-4 70-1 2-1 5-9 19-8 41-0 68-4 74-0 75-1 79-7 84-6 89-6 95-4 91-5 96-7 97-4 99-4 99-6 Creighton and Githens have also determined the boilingpoint of absolute nitric acid, 99-79 per cent. H N 0 3 , at different pressures.

1921, 15, 253, ABSORPTION OF NITROUS GASES 56 TABLE 9 Ternperature; cleg. Cent. Percentage Decomposition. 86 100 130 160 190 220 250 256 9-53 11-77 18-79 28-96 49-34 72-07 93-03 100-00 This decomposition constitutes a difficulty in the determination of the boiling-point of nitric acid, and the results of Creighton and Githens are vitiated to some extent by this factor, as pointed out by Pascal. I t is evident, also, t h a t dry sodium nitrate and concentrated sulphuric acid will not give the highest concentration of nitric acid unless the temperature is kept low.

I t should also be pointed out that since solution a n d decomposition of the nitrogen tetroxide must take place before neutralization of the resulting acids can be effected, it is useless t o employ too concentrated solutions of caustic soda or caustic potash for this purpose. I t can be shown t h a t the rate of absorption of the gas in caustic soda solution increases with the concentration of caustic soda, reaching a maximum with solutions about 1-5N. With a 4N solution t h e rate of absorption is only equivalent to t h a t of pure water, and higher concentrations are even less effective.

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