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Check out our "How to Read a Poem" section for a glossary of terms. Darkness and Light It may seem obvious that a poem called "Acquainted with the Night" has a lot to do with darkness, but it's also about light, even if it's about the lack of light. There's more to the dark and light of this poem than meets the eye, though. This poem can be read as a metaphor for the dark of depression and loneliness. Yet, the light of the moon still reaches beyond the lights of the city and humanity, a symbol of hope.

So, though the poem includes many themes, time runs through them all. Technique - Table of Contents What's Up With the Title? Form and Meter Type of Poem Symbols, Imagery, Wordplay Speaker Sound Check Tough-O-Meter Setting Calling Card What's Up With the Title? We hear the phrase "acquainted with the night" three times in this poem - and it's in the three most important places: the title, the first line, and the last line. OK, Frost, we get it - the phrase "acquainted with the night" is important!

It’s a much bigger accomplishment to actually enjoy a poem than it is to be able to explain every line of it. Treat the first reading as an investment – your effort might not pay off until well into the future, but when it does, it will totally be worth it. Trust us. Read in Crazy Places. Just like music, the experience of poetry changes depending on your mood and the environment. Read in as many different places as possible: at the beach, on a mountain, in the subway. Sometimes all it takes is a change of scenery for a poem to really come alive.

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