Advances in Comparative and Environmental Physiology by J.L. Arpigny, J. Coyette, S. Davail, G. Feller, E. Fonze,

By J.L. Arpigny, J. Coyette, S. Davail, G. Feller, E. Fonze, E.C. Foulkes, J.-M. Frere, R. Fujii, S. Genicot, C. Gerday, B. Joris, J. Lamotte-Brasseur, J.N. Maina, E. Narinx, M. Nguyen-Disteche, N. Oshima, A. Vairengo, Z. Zekhnini

ADVANCES IN COMPARATIVE AND ENVIRONMENTAL body structure is helping biologists, physiologists, and biochemists continue music of the broad literature in thefield. offering accomplished, built-in reports and sound, severe, and provocative summaries, this sequence is a needs to for all energetic researchers in environmental and comparative body structure. the current quantity includes six reports on: - Motile actions of Fish Chromatophores. - Epithelial delivery of Heavy Metals. - Heavy steel Cytotoxicity in Marine Organisms. - Comparative Pulmonary Morphology and Morphometry. - Molecular variations in Resistance to Penicillins. - Molecular variations of Enzymes From Thermophilic and Psychrophilic Organisms.

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Since dibenamine is known to block alpha-adrenoceptors, the transmission could be regarded as alpha-adrenergic in nature. , Fujii and Miyashita 1975; cf. Fujii and Oshima 1986). Kumazawa and Fujii (1984) recently showed that a catecholamine transmitter is actually liberated from the fibers: they detected the release of radiolabeled norepinephrine in response to nervous stimulation. Several researchers have attempted to determine the subtype of alphaadrenoceptors on chromatophores. , Andersson et al.

Using guppies and siluroid catfish, Miyashita et al. (1984) extended this pharmacological analysis and came to the conclusion that the pigment-dispersing action of these nucleotides was mediated by adenosine receptors since the effects could easily be antagonized by methylxanthines, specific blockers of adenosine receptors. Working on the melanophores of tilapias, Kumazawa et al. (1984) detected the apparent liberation of ATP from chromatic nerves in response to electrical stimulation. They concluded that ATP is released as a co-transmitter from the postganglionic sympathetic fibers together with the true transmitter, norepinephrine.

The action of MCH on the motile iridophores of the damselfish type (Oshima et al. 1989) and of the goby type (Iga and Matsuno 1986) is quite the opposite of that of MSH, as is the case for light-absorbing chromatophores. In every case, specific receptors are considered to be responsible for transducing the signal. As an exceptional case, the leucophores of the medaka were found to respond to MCH by dispersion of pigment (Oshima et al. 1986a). Since MSH has been found to induce pigment dispersion in this type of cell (Sect.

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