Americans Abroad: A Comparative Study of Emigrants from the by Arnold Dashefsky, Jan DeAmicis, Bernard Lazerwitz, Ephraim

By Arnold Dashefsky, Jan DeAmicis, Bernard Lazerwitz, Ephraim Tabory

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Rates of suicide and emigration may both be indices of the degree of integration in society. " Despairing people who, in social psychological terms, are adrift sometimes do seek escape through emigration (as well as suicide, crime, and other forms of self-destructive behaviors). Sobel (1985), for example, emphasized this theme in his work on emigration from Israel. People who are truly estranged can satisfy their needs for personal identity and satisfying relationships in what to them are less alienating societies.

7 7We are interested in the overseas migrations of all Americans who have been brought up within the framework of American society and its culture. We would recommend research on American migrants to Mexico, England, France, italy, and so forth. There are English-speaking enclaves in a number of countries as exemplified by their having English-language newspapers. Unfortunately, to 32 CHAPTER 2 It is tempting to attribute the peak years of emigration to these countries in the late 1960s and early 1970s to a variety of political and social upheavals occurring in American society, evoking an image of Durkheim's anomic social processes driving many to the limits of endurance.

Average Annual Immigration to Selected Countries from the United States, 1960-1976 Average annual immigration from the United States" Country of destination Total years reported All countries Argentina Australia Belgium Brazil Canada France Germany Hong Kong Israel Italy Japan Kenya Mexico Netherlands New Zealand Nigeria Norway Sweden United Kingdom 14 15 16 I3 11 14 15 12 17 17 17 17 I3 I3 15 I3 17 17 12 1960 to 1976 1970 to 1974 1965 to 1969 1960 to 1964 180,200 281,000 151,700 66,100 400 8,500 3,100 1,000 21,900 900 24,800 2,900 3,898 2,700 1,720 500 64,600 3,400 1,400 1,400 2,900 1,700 20,900 600 12,800 4,300 900 24,600 1,400 27,800 3,400 5,449 5,400 23,400 400 142,000 3,800 2,300 1,700 3,200 1,700 21,300 300 8,500 3,200 1,100 19,900 900 26,400 2,000 4,550 1,400 15,100 800 40,600 3,100 1,300 1,100 2,800 1,600 21,500 300 4,400 1,700 1,100 * 400 21,600 * 2,154 300 12,100 200 17,300 * 1,000 1,300 2,600 1,800 * 'Data are available for fewer than three years of the five-year period.

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