Amharic-English Dictionary, Vol. 1 by Thomas Leiper Kane

By Thomas Leiper Kane

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The buck stops here. build a better mousetrap Fig. to develop or invent something superior to a device that is widely used. ”) ᮀ Harry thought he could build a better mousetrap, but everything he “invented” had already been thought of. build castles in Spain Go to next. build castles in the air and build castles in Spain Fig. to daydream; to make plans that can never come true. ᮀ Ann spends most of her waking hours building castles in Spain. ᮀ I really like to sit on the porch in the evening, just building castles in the air.

Come to a pretty pass Fig. to encounter a difficult situation. (Older. ) ᮀ This project has come to a pretty pass. I don’t know how we can possibly finish on time. come to grief Fig. to experience something unpleasant or damaging. ᮀ In the end, he came to grief because he did not follow instructions. come to grips with so/sth Fig. to begin to deal with someone or something; to face the challenge posed by someone or something. ᮀ I found it hard to come to grips with Crystal and her problems. come to one’s senses Fig.

Old blood-and-guts Albert is making his threats again. blood, sweat, and tears Fig. the signs of great personal effort. ᮀ After years of blood, sweat, and tears, Timmy finally earned a college degree. blow so a kiss Fig. to pantomime the sending of a kiss to a person visible nearby by kissing one’s hand and “blowing” the kiss off the hand toward the person. ᮀ As she boarded the train she blew him a kiss, and he waved back. blow hot and cold Fig. to be changeable or uncertain (about something).

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