An elementary Treatise on Plane and Solid Geometry by Benjamin Peirce

By Benjamin Peirce

It is a replica of a ebook released earlier than 1923. This publication can have occasional imperfections similar to lacking or blurred pages, terrible images, errant marks, and so forth. that have been both a part of the unique artifact, or have been brought through the scanning method. We think this paintings is culturally vital, and regardless of the imperfections, have elected to carry it again into print as a part of our carrying on with dedication to the renovation of revealed works all over the world. We savor your figuring out of the imperfections within the upkeep technique, and desire you take pleasure in this helpful ebook.

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2 Clifford Algebras 17 √ is known that C ∼ C + over K( (q)) where the meaning of ∼ √ is that all simple (q)). 3 Theorem • If dimK E is even, the Clifford algebra C(E, q) is a central simple algebra over K. The principal automorphism π is then an inner automorphism of C. 2 = • If dimK E is odd and if eN (q) ∈ / (K × )2 , then C(E, q) is a central simple √ ˜ algebra over K = K( (q)) = {λ1C + µeN /λ, µ ∈ K}, a quadratic extension of K, and C = C + ⊕eN C + is an extension of C + . Finally, π(λ1C +µeN ) = λ1C −µeN is the unique automorphism of K˜ different from the neutral element, which leaves K ˜ invariant in the Galois group of K: π(a+ + eN b+ ) = a+ − eN b+ with a+ , b+ ∈ C + .

2 Definitions ˜ is the multiplicative group of invertible elements g in The Clifford regular group G C(E, q) that satisfy, for any x ∈ E, π(g)xg −1 = y ∈ E. ˜ belongs The linear transformation ψ(g) : x → π(g)xg −1 induced by g ∈ G to the orthogonal group O(q) of E relative to q. The mapping g → ψ(g) is a ˜ into O(q). Therefore, ψ is a representation of G ˜ on E, called homomorphism from G ∗ ˜ ˜ the regular vector representationof G. The kernel of ψ is K . G is identical to the subset of C(E, q) consisting of products of regular (or nonisotropic) vectors of E, ˜ can be, equivalently, defined as the multiplicative group formed, with the unit and G element 1C (E, q), by products of regular vectors of E.

J. P. Serre, Applications algébriques de la cohomologie des groupes, op. , p. 603. 1. 39 n Cn,0 CnC = Cn,0 ⊗ C C0,n 1 R⊕R C C⊕C 2 m(2, R) H m(2, C) 3 m(2, C) H⊕H m(2, C) ⊕ m(2, C) 4 m(2, H) m(2, H) m(4, C) 5 m(2, H) ⊕ m(2, H) m(4, C) m(4, C) ⊕ m(4, C) 6 m(4, H) m(8, R) m(8, C) 7 m(8, C) m(8, R) ⊕ m(8, R) m(8, C) ⊕ m(8, C) 8 m(16, R) m(16, R) m(16, C) C0,n ⊗ C Thus, for example, C14,0 m(64, H) since 14 ≡ 6 (mod 8) and C6,0 Since Cr,s ⊗ C1,1 Cr+1,s+1 , if we assume that r > s, we obtain Cr−s,0 ⊗ C1,1 ⊗ · · · ⊗ C1,1 , s factors 38 M.

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