Annotated Solution Guide for Thinking in Java Fourth Edition by Bruce Eckel, Ervin Varga

By Bruce Eckel, Ervin Varga

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Bei der Entwicklung von Computerprogrammen haben sich inzwischen sowohl im Ausbildungsbereich als auch in der Industrie objektorientierte Programmiersprachen durchgesetzt, insbesondere die Programmiersprache Java. Dieses Lehrbuch vermittelt ausführlich und anhand vieler Beispiele alle wichtigen Konzepte der objektorientierten Programmierung mit Java.

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Println(new Date()); *

*/ public class E14_DocTest { /** A variable comment */ public int i; /** A method comment * You can even insert a list: *


  1. Item one *
  2. Item two *
  3. Item three Everything is an Object 17 *

*/ public void f() {} } ///:~ We simply added the HTML code fragments from the chapter examples. java /****************** Exercise 15 ***************** * Add comment documentation to the program in Exercise 2. * Extract it into an HTML file using Javadoc * and view it with your Web browser.

0 *///:~ 22 Thinking in Java, 4th Edition Annotated Solution Guide This exercise emphasizes that you’re always passing references around, thus you’re always aliasing. Even when you don’t actually see changes being made to the code you’re writing or the method you’re calling, that code or method could be calling other methods that modify the object. 2} /****************** Exercise 4 ***************** * Write a program that calculates velocity * using a constant distance and a constant time. 53125 m/s *///:~ Here we take the distance and time values from the command line.

Java /****************** Exercise 4 ****************** * Turn the DataOnly code fragments into a * program that compiles and runs. java /****************** Exercise 5 ****************** * Modify Exercise 4 so the values * of the data in DataOnly are assigned to and * printed in main(). java /****************** Exercise 6 ****************** Everything is an Object 11 * Write a program that includes and calls the * storage() method defined as a code fragment in * this chapter. java /****************** Exercise 7 ****************** * Turn the Incrementable code fragments into a * working program.

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