Aperture 200 - Fall 2010 by Mellisa Harris (editor)

By Mellisa Harris (editor)

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If they are prized answers, what on earth were the questions? "Research" has become a chronically earnest concept in Recent books, such as Shannon Ebner's The Sun as Error(Wallis contemporary art. So often the artist is supposed to "conduct" it in lieu of making things up, in order to be able to account for what 2009), and Johannes Schwartz's Das Prinzip (Van Zoetendaal, he or she is doing. Artists who conduct research seem like safe bets: funding bodies like them, curators, publishers, biennials, and Scent, play off the seductive promise of visual clarity against the buyers like them.

The list of stunning contrasts goes on. A little over two years ago, I reachedout to American artists and Until the show came to an end in 1971, Cash put together asked them if they would create a work of art about America in the programs that did not shy away from hot-button topics, such time between 9/11 and now. I told them that I wanted to put the as the treatment of Native Americans, the Vietnam War, racial equality, feminism, and God. All these issues and fears that had work onto trucks that would be specially designed to show art in the country.

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