Armageddon, Oil, and the Middle East Crisis: What the Bible by John F. Walvoord

By John F. Walvoord

Armageddon, Oil, and the center East challenge: What the Bible Says in regards to the way forward for the MiddleEast and the tip of Western Civilization

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History has recorded the literal fulfillment of these promises. The name Abram, later changed to Abraham, meaning "father of nations," has been a great name, revered alike by Jew, Christian, and Muslim. Not only the nation of Israel, but the whole Arab world descended from Abraham. 13:16;15:5). Through Abraham came the prophets, the writers of the Scriptures of the Old and New Testaments, and Jesus Christ—the Son of Abraham, the Son of David. The nations that have blessed the descendants of Abraham have been blessed; the nations that have cursed the sons of Abraham have been cursed (Gen.

Why would America allow its economic future to be destroyed by international events it cannot control? WHOM CAN ISRAEL TRUST? From the standpoint of Israel, the situation is decidedly an unhappy one. S. itself so desperately needs oil from the Persian Gulf? S. became deeply committed to the defense of Saudi Arabia with the military airlift in 1990. S. be willing to commit its military forces in the region? S. withdrawal from Vietnam, where many more millions were involved and many American lives invested, is America in any mood to sacrifice again for any country across the seas?

The grim prospect of having insufficient fuel for homes, industry, and military use sent shock waves around the world. A new war was in progress, an economic war of tremendous implications to the entire world. For the first time in centuries, the Middle East became a major component in every international consideration. THE WORLD ENERGY CRISIS The rapid increase in consumption of energy throughout the world had been noted by experts for years, but warnings of an impending crisis fell largely on deaf ears.

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