Armanen Runes by Karl Hanz, Welz

By Karl Hanz, Welz

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If you want so, you will reach those goals much more easily sooner with the help of the Runes. As you have been reading the preceding, you have become aware that it is not the quantity of the inhaled air which matters, but it is the quality. Quality is enhanced by the Runes with which you are impregnating the Odic component of the airflow into your body. Therefore it is not necessary, in many cases not even advisable, to pump the lungs full with a lot of air and putting needless strain on them.

Waste materials are not sufficiently eliminated and will accumulate consequently. Diseases of all kinds, emotional disturbance, tiredness, and many more imbalances are the consequence. Besides supplying the body with oxygen and eliminating waste materials, correct breathing also massages your inner organs continuously. When you inhale, then the diaphragm gently presses upon the intestines, stomach, spleen, liver, gallbladder, and pancreas. When you exhale, then the diaphragm gently massage your heart and lungs.

RIT signifies religion, inner strength, and ritual. It is the Rune of the cosmic rhythm of the worlds. RIT symbolizes movement, rotation, wheels, and spiraling development and unfolding. It is the Rune of the rolling Sun-wheel, of rhythmic and of dance. Uses: RIT allows you to tune into the rhythms of the worlds. It awakens higher powers. It strengthens inner guidance. It increases your experience of ritual. RIT directs thoughts toward inner guidance. It strengthens your power of visualization and establishes psychic links with any target.

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