Army Commandos 1940–1945 (Elite 64) by Mike Chappell

By Mike Chappell

The interval from early 1940 to the top of 1942 used to be a time of gloom and uncertainty for the British, who stood by myself opposed to the assembled may possibly of the Axis powers. They badly wanted a champion, and have been to discover this in a small strength of squaddies who encouraged them with a chain of bold raids opposed to the coasts of 'occupied Europe', changing into the heroes of the British public and of the British leading Minister who had created them. This name explores the wartime background of the British military Commandos whose bravery did a lot to elevate the morale of the British public.

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Rr D2. 60 Fire S r r ~ i c r . A3. C3. Dl. 47. 48,49. 311. 60. 60. iing Yeoman! F3, R? Homc (;t~ard G2, G3. 5. 46, 62, ti:% Local Drfcnl-r \i,lunleers G I , 62 \lc,tor Transport Cnrp5 FI, 55. li2 S . l \ F l F2, I?? police HI, H2. 53. li(l41 rwrdrn- D3. 42, 43, 58, 59, ti0 CS troop5 Iti. 16, 17 war preparation* t i ,Y'>,,,C" 13. AM and CD 45 drirrrr 7. 5X. 60 conrcl-iprion of I 1-12 mmplo\mcnt of in indurtrv I I and Rrr *rr>irr*A3. C3, 47. 38. 60. 60 til-st aid p a r n 44 in Home (;ual-d - I l t l l i milkmilid I I and \lotor Tranrport Ccrp* FI, 55.

H4: CD First Aid Party member; Midlands, 1944 The 'civilian duty respirator' was issued to the civil defence services who needed something harder-wearing than the standard civilian respirator, but less expensive than the This female CD warden raises a cheery smlle while demonstrating the light anti-gas suit. Fortunately, despite much training and expense, civilian anti-gas skills and equipment were never needed. The 'civilian duty rsspirator', in its hessian bag, is worn hem on the lefl hip. service respirator that was on limited issue to specialist CD units and police officers.

A figure of 1,400,000 hoods was budgeted for in January 1939, at a cost of El each; once the bag was outgrown the infant would be issued a 'Mickey Mouse' mask, with a red facepiece and blue filter, at a cost of 3s 6d to the government. lnset The WVS wore a small enamel and chrome cap badge. Initially this bore 'ARP'l'Women's Voluntary Services', but from February 1939 the badge was changed to read 'WVS'/'Civil Defence'. Note 61's small neck brooch, and the cloth version above her sleeve title 'London'.

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