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Bailey Seafood

3316 Bailey Ave
Buffalo, New York 14215
Land of Milk and Honey

We’re on the corner of Bailey and LaSalle.  Big blue building.  Can’t miss it.

  • Phone 716.833.1973
  • Fax 716.833.1746

If you have questions or comments, please get a hold of us in whichever way is most convenient.  Smoke signal, homing pigeon, telepathically or the form on the right hand side.  Ask away. There is no reasonable question that we can not answer.

Most Common Answers

  1. “Prices are online. Click ‘Order Online / Menu’ on the top of the page”
  2. “Yes, you can buy raw fish, take it home and cook it. We have a huge selection”
  3. “Yes, we sell Lobster tails, clams and crab legs”
  4. “We don’t have tables”
  5. “We don’t carry sushi”

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