Ask Away

Frequently Asked Questions

“How do I order cooked fish and how long is the wait?”

We have three ways to order your cooked fish.  The first is to walk in and order, the wait will be about 15 minutes.  The second is to call ahead (716-833-1973) and your food will be ready when you arrive.  The third is to order online.

“Do you offer catering?”

Absolutely, click here to start your order or click here to contact us.

“I’m trying to eat healthy.  Do you have any healthy cooked seafood options or is everything fried?”

Indeed we do!  Aside from our fried fish and seafood we offer baked fish dinners as well as steamed salmon, vegetables and many sautéed options.

“Do you deliver?”

Yes of course!  Just click ‘DELIVERY” and we’ll send dinner to your house!

“Do you have tables? Are you a restaurant?”

We are a take-out restaurant with a seating area to wait for your food to cook. We don’t have tables.